Reflexology... What is that and how will it help me?

Reflexology should be performed by fully trained professionals who have undergone extensive training and continue with post graduate learning on a continual basis. I am a professional member of the Reflexology Association of Australia and meet the standards set by the association.

Reflexology is the application of pressure and stimulation to reflex points that correspond to the glands, organs, body systems and body parts. Commonly it is applied to the feet but can also be used on the hands, face and the ears. Reflexology is a non invasive, safe but dynamic, holistic therapy that may assist general wellbeing, improve circulation, improve lymphatic flow, alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety, relieve pain and discomfort. Reflexology is complimentary to all other therapies and treatments.

check   Stimulates the nervous system
check   Aids in the treatment of headaches
check   Relief from stress and anxiety
check   Improve sleep patterns
check   Stimulates circulation
check   Aids the elimination of toxins and waste
check   Supports the body systems
check   Helps reduce pain and inflammation
check   Non invasive
check   Compimentary to all other therapies
check   Suitable for all ages, babies to the elderly

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