Reflexology... What is that and how will it help me?

Reflexology should be performed by fully trained professionals who have undergone extensive training and continue with post graduate learning on a continual basis. I am a professional member of the Reflexology Association of Australia and meet the standards set by the association.

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Toowoomba Reflexology Services – More than just a foot rub

Reflexology doesn’t work the feet but in fact works on the human body through the feet. The feet become the key to the door of the body’s own ability to heal, balance and nurture itself.

How is this so? If you look at a chart for reflexology on the feet you will notice that the two feet together mirror the human body, amazing don’t you think? So a therapist is able to access all areas of the human body, physically and psychologically, via the nervous system from the feet. This can also be done through the hands, ears and face if the feet are not available but today we shall speak about the feet in general.

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Are you affected by Lymphoedema?

The main role of the lymphatic system is to fight bacterial microbes and manage fluid in the body. It collects the fluid from the tissues and then sends the fluid to be filtered through the lymph nodes, spleen and thymus to be removed via the bloodstream.

If the lymphatic system has been damaged or compromised due to trauma, illness, surgery, radiation, node removal, toxins, immobility or cancer treatment it cannot function correctly and results in excess lymph fluid being deposited into the tissues creating swelling in the limbs and the body.

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Come and regain your inner balance