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Reflexology... What is that and how will it help me?

Reflexology is a non invasive, safe but dynamic, holistic therapy that can maintain good health, improve circulation, aid in the alleviation of stress and anxiety, may help in relieving pain and discomfort and help guide the body into healing itself naturally. Reflexology is complimentary to all other therapies and treatments.

Your body is held together by incredible energy forces that flow through your unique body’s systems, charging them with electrical currents. Sometimes the body may have shut off the current flow, for one reason or another, to a particular or many areas creating pain, discomfort, stress, anxiety or dis-
ease. Reflexology addresses the particular pressure points in the feet, hands, ears and face to help restore the flow of energy and aiding the bodys systems to restore and renew.

It is a calming treatment that can help relieve tired tense muscles. It aids the stresses of fatigue and can be calming to the mind.

Reflexology is gentle enough to use for people of all ages from the very young to the elderly and particularly calming to those in palliative care.

You must keep in mind though that sometimes it has taken many years for your body to be in its current state and therefore be prepared to be patient for the effects of Reflexology to take place.

check Stimulates the nervous system
check Aids in the treatment of headaches
check Relief from stress and anxiety
check Improve sleep patterns
check Stimulates circulation
check Aids the elimination of toxins and waste
Supports the body systems
Helps reduce pain and inflammation
Non invasive
Compimentary to all other therapies
Suitable for all ages, babies to the elderly


Manual Lymphatic Drainage