Reflexology doesn’t work the feet but in fact works on the human body through the feet. The feet become the key to the door of the body’s own ability to heal, balance and nurture itself.

How is this so? If you look at a chart for reflexology on the feet you will notice that the two feet together mirror the human body, amazing don’t you think? So a therapist is able to access all areas of the human body, physically and psychologically, via the nervous system from the feet. This can also be done through the hands, ears and face if the feet are not available but today we shall speak about the feet in general.


Another huge advantage when receiving Reflexology is that it is totally non invasive and non threatening as you are only required to bare your feet and do not have to fully disrobe to be treated.

This is particularly important when working with children, teens or the elderly who are reluctant to undress or are unable due to being bedridden or incapacitated. It can be extremely soothing to those in palliative care. It is a very safe modality and can be applied to babies through to the elderly, as well as expecting mothers. Even our furry friends will line up for their dose!

So let’s return to the discussion of balancing the body through the feet….

Some examples are:

When working the big toe, the therapist is actually concentrating on working the head and neck region. With the other toes representing the sinuses and the base areas the eyes and the ears.

The metatarsal pad becomes the area of the chest, with the inside or medial side of the foot representing the spine finishing with the pelvic region in the location of the heel. The lateral or outside of the foot representing the outside edge of the body, shoulders, arms, legs, etc. Sounds so simple doesn’t it? As I stated earlier this is a simple explanation but gives you an idea of how it all comes together.

The muscular activity of the internal organs rely on their nerve canals being able to function freely without obstruction so that circulation is maximised. If the nerve canals are obstructed the particular organs or muscle areas become weak and sluggish, unable to perform at their peak, which then has a roll on effect to the other areas of the body that may have to work harder to support these imbalances. Often an area will feel “crunchy” or “crystalised” under the therapist’s thumbs and so they will work those areas to dissolve the crystalisation which will be carried back out through the blood and out the excretory organs.

Having irritation in a particular area may not necessarily mean there is medical condition to that organ or body part but that there is an energy blockage and should be freed to allow the body to heal and balance areas that may be of concern.


It is advised that you only seek treatments from fully trained professionals who have been taught the correct procedures and modalities required for your health and safety. Considering that our lives are constantly changing and revolving with times of stress and illness, it is suggested that Reflexology become part of your overall commitment within your health and wellness program to maintain good health and balance.

Take good care of you